A team of dedicated and trained faculty members (selected with a written/oral test) will be teaching the pupils in this school. The faculty will be in uniform and they follow strict discipline.

Academic Director/Principal

The principal is a key person in developing, and implementing changes within the school environment. If he/she is not directly involved, he/she must give appropriate support to ensure success.

Principal's Responsibilities include treat the students with the ultimate of respect, help them sort out the world views they live in, If a student is dysfunctional, help them redefine who they can be, see they are respectful in the school environment, use whatever respectful means possible to have students act in a respectful

Mrs. Neema, Head of Schools Development

In my experience, I have never come across a school in which the traditional teaching philosophy, values are fused with modern technology of teaching as well as equipment. My fascination and love for children, still leads me into this learning world. Itís a pleasure to see our concepts showing their yield steadily as we grow. We will harvest our reap and show you the golden seeds sprouting again. Our school, with our management, staff and students are always behind a glowing spirit to bloom ourselves with the sunshine. Gandhiji remarked that the pattern is not intervention of your work rather he means of it and you exist because of him. Our school believes in this noble thought and put it in practice. During the working days of 8 AM o 8 PM the non teaching staff work tiredlessly to prove the service to parents with a smile. We pledge ourselves to serve parent community best in future.

Mrs. Chamundeswari, Vice-Principal

This is school like a Rose bud, day by day blooming to a beautiful flower to show the world beauty and fragrance.

This is how our students are being taught in the same way.

• Springdale School is a CBSE, State Board, IB, IGCSE, Cambridge Syllabus and integrated curriculum oriented International School in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. School offers Vedic Math, Abacus Math, Creative Science Projects, IIT Math, IIT Science, NEET Science, NEET Math, EAMCET, AIEEE oriented Math and Science, Mental Math, Mind Mapping Techniques in Subjects, Spoken English, Spoken Hindi, English Grammar, Language Lab, Life Skills, German, Concepts based education, analytical worksheets, Seminar, Debate, preparing for competitive exams, Kids exercise, Sports, Music, Dance, Karate, Skating, Bowling, Cricket, Chess, Carroms, Ludo, Basket Ball, Kabadi, Kho-kho, GK, General Knowledge, Arts, Crafts, Drawing, and all others.