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In order to test the students' grasp of the language subjects, such as the English, Hindi and Telugu languages at the end of the learning period in primary education years, there are several separate examinations. As the student is usually required to take all three languages, (with exceptions of exemption for optional languages), the average student repeats the following procedures twice. The examination system contains three unit tests and three term examinations in an academic year.

The examinations are required to take in English, Telugu, Hindi, Maths, Science, and Social Studies for Class I to X. For LKG and UKG, the examinations are required to take in English, Telugu, Maths, and Environmental Studies.

The format tends to vary by language, but each language examination usually has an oral examination, testing the students' proficiency to speak the language, a listening comprehension examination, testing the students' ability to comprehend spoken messages in daily situations, an examination to test composition and the student's proficiency in writing in various scenarios, and finally an examination testing written use of the language.

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