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Academic Director/Principal

The principal is a key person in developing, and implementing changes within the school environment. If he/she is not directly involved, he/she must give appropriate support to ensure success.

Principal's Responsibilities include treat the students with the ultimate of respect, help them sort out the world views they live in, If a student is dysfunctional, help them redefine who they can be, see they are respectful in the school environment, use whatever respectful means possible to have students act in a respectful manner, students have more "rights" than teachers in school BUT along with those rights go responsibilities, teach students "gray" areas, teach students due process and how to complain in positive ways, and make sure students know what kinds of powers there are and how to deal with inappropriate powers.

Responsibilities also included are keeping parents informed/involved in their children's' schooling as well as their attitudes towards respect, respect differences in families, involve parents when principal/teacher and/or student agrees it's time to bring them in, let parents know when their children are doing great, and be available when teachers need to talk to parents about a disrespectful action by a student.

Assist teachers in dealing with disrespectful behaviors (which both the teacher and principal agree upon), follow whatever process is agreed upon (and if, for some outstanding reason the process is not followed, the teacher is informed), agree with teachers with respect to "gray" areas and how those areas will be dealt with, if a teacher is being disrespectful to a student, that must be pointed out and a positive course of action decided upon, must do closure on all respect issues as soon as possible, assist, if requested, in developing Action Plans for specific students.


Responsibilities include to share impressions of the student's progress with them on a regular basis, preferably every third or fourth meeting or lesson, make time on a regular and agreed upon basis with the student, prepare a series of progressive assignments for the student and ensure that materials needed are at hand, provide clear standards of skill, decorum and ethics, take the responsibility that the student receives initiation when qualified, provide a graduation gift to symbolize the accomplishment and the end of the student/teacher relationship, provide several follow-up sessions to answer questions and evaluate training and more questions will arise once the skills are put into independent use.

• Springdale School is a CBSE, State Board, IB, IGCSE, Cambridge Syllabus and integrated curriculum oriented International School in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. School offers Vedic Math, Abacus Math, Creative Science Projects, IIT Math, IIT Science, NEET Science, NEET Math, EAMCET, AIEEE oriented Math and Science, Mental Math, Mind Mapping Techniques in Subjects, Spoken English, Spoken Hindi, English Grammar, Language Lab, Life Skills, German, Concepts based education, analytical worksheets, Seminar, Debate, preparing for competitive exams, Kids exercise, Sports, Music, Dance, Karate, Skating, Bowling, Cricket, Chess, Carroms, Ludo, Basket Ball, Kabadi, Kho-kho, GK, General Knowledge, Arts, Crafts, Drawing, and all others.